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There are many reasons why people do not want to hire out renovation work. The main one being cost.

Even though it can cost more with a contractor, you then get many benefits. Some of these benefits include a warranty, limited liability on the part of the homeowner, projects completed in a timely manner and extensive knowledge about how to complete the project correctly.

Here are 5 projects that should be hired out rather than done by a homeowner.

1. Roofing-

Everyone knows someone who has roofed a shed or neighbor’s house. In theory it is an easy and straightforward project.

If you’re missing some shingles, or need to install venting, most people want to find a friend to help fix the roof and save on repair costs.

However, if you err in prepping the roof, installation, flashing or venting, it can cause extensive damage. Just doing a few things wrong on your roof may cost you.

Water damage can cause mold, rot and damage the building’s structure. These are expensive problems to fix. Let alone to fix the roof problem that caused the damage in the first place.

Repairs for issues from poorly installed roofing can cost more than paying to have a roof installed correctly the first time.

Then there's the safety issue. Roofing is one of the most dangerous occupations for a reason. It is not even worth the safety risk of getting on the roof without proper safety training.

It is best to just hire out your roofing projects.

2. Plumbing-

Basic plumbing projects are pretty simple and easy for homeowners. Exchanging faucets and replacing plumbing fixtures are easy tasks.

Other plumbing projects require more expertise and know-how. Plumbing hot water pipes and moving water lines throughout the house are projects that are best done by a licensed plumber. Code violations, leaks, improper venting and back flow are all issues that a licensed plumber knows how to avoid or fix.

The majority of homeowner plumbing projects end up needing a licensed plumber to come and finish. The projects seem simple but are actually complicated.

Avoid spending your time fixing a plumbing problem that the majority of homeowners end up needing to hire out in the end.

3. Structural Changes-

Open floor plans are what people want. It is easy to think that to get an open space you just have to remove a wall or two.

Yes, this often works as long as the wall is not integral to the overall structure of the home.

Whatever it is that you want to change about the floor plan of your home. Make sure that you find someone who is qualified that can take a look at the structure, preferably a structural engineer.

It would be problematic to remove a load bearing wall just to find out that your home is an unstable structure.

Your space may be open now, but then you have to do more work to reinforce the structure.

Hire a structural engineer before you decide to remove walls and change the structure of your house.

4. Concrete Work-

Unless you’re pouring slabs for cutesy stepping stones for grandma, it is best to hire out your concrete work. There is so much more to concrete projects than mixing the cement, pouring it and trying to level it.

Believe it or not there are a variety of concrete products out there. Some of them seem so similar but then behave differently due to a number of variables. Unless you are well versed in concrete products, choosing the wrong one could cause future issues.

There are other issues that can arise when doing concrete projects such as settling, cracking, improper mixing of the cement and ending up with an uneven slab. A certified contractor can ensure that these are not problems. And if there are problems, a contractor should have a warranty that keeps him responsible for the outcome of the project.

5. Electrical-

Swapping out outlets and switches are basic electrical tasks that most homeowners can complete on their own.

Rewiring or adding electricity to certain areas or changing voltage outlets are projects that should be done by a certified electrician.

Yes, this may be obvious, but electrical work that is done wrong can be hazardous. Open or live wires can cause injuries. Hot wires that are not removed or attached properly can cause fires.

Large electrical projects should be completed by a certified electrician.


There are many projects that homeowners can easily complete without a certified contractor. However, some need the knowledge and expertise of someone who is trained in that field.


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